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Commitment to Giving Back

Revealing Beauty, Sharing Hope. 

While working in the medical aesthetic field for nearly a decade, the inventor of CrystalSmooth, Rebecca Dunmire, has studied numerous techniques and advancements in facial rejuvenation and contouring. She continues to work closely with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spa owners on a daily basis to assess the newest beauty advancements.

During this process, she recognized the need for additional “at home” options to maintain a beautiful complexion. 

“I had a cabinet full of expensive skincare products, but my skin was still dry and the products didn't seem to be as effective as they could be.”

Thus, after years of testing and development, she created the CrystalSmooth®microdermabrasion system. 

Dead skin cells build up constantly on the surface of the skin, creating a dulled complexion, and preventing products from properly penetrating the skin.  CrystalSmooth® removes the dead layers, giving the skin a quick and easy pick-me-up.

“As a working mom, I know how busy life can get. I wanted to create something fast and simple, that can easily be incorporated into a home routine. 

My goal while developing this technology was to make it affordable and effective. I still enjoy treating myself to spa services, and by using CrystalSmooth in-between treatments, my skin looks its very best!.”

In addition to making a great product, we are committed to giving back to the community.  A portion of all sales goes to helping women & children who are victims and survivors of human trafficking.

"Giving back is so important to me. I am building this company on the promise of giving back, and my heart is 100% committed to this cause." -Rebecca

Revealing Beauty, Sharing Hope. 

At CrystalSmooth, one of our main goals to is for women to recognize their beauty and self-worth, both inside and out. We are committed to giving back to the community, particularly by helping to support organizations that assist victims of human trafficking.

“I never knew that human trafficking (modern-day slavery) is such a huge problem in the US, and around the world. I had heard about it before, but didn’t really know all the details. When my eyes were opened to this massive problem, it broke my heart to think of these young girls being held captive and abused. I had to find a way to help.” - Rebecca Dunmire, President & Founder, CrystalSmooth Microdermabrasion

With every CrystalSmooth kit sold, a donation is made to help clothe, feed, counsel, and restore victims and survivors of human trafficking. Our goal is to touch the lives of 1,000,000 women by 2020. Join our "Facials for Freedom” initiative. Every purchase makes a difference. 

Who wonderful it will be if Australians can stand together to raise money and start our own fundraiser.  02-61662265