Dermaplaning Courses

Welcome to DermaplanePro Australia's Training Site.

DermaplanePro Australia Certificate Courses in Dermaplaning is Registered and Accredited by DermaplanePro International.

Our trainers are all Qualified Professionals and Certified by DermaplanePro Australia to train and assess. 

Our Training Package consist of 2 stages:

• stage 1 - Theory via our Online Portal

• stage 2 - Practical Coaching one-on-one or via Skype (Skype is available if students or trainers can't travel.  Skype training is conducted by director)

Our Package also include a ProStarter Kit.  This kit include all the tools for Dermaplaning.  

The cost for Theory, Practical and Kit is only $700 including GST.  We have no hidden costs.

We welcome questions, so don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Our email address is:   Landline: 02 61662265 (International Training Site)