Dermaplaning Courses

Dermaplane Training Packages

We have 2 training packages:

  • One-on-one with coach
  • Virtural (Zoom) with coach

One-on-one include:

  1. Theory online
  2. Practical with coach 
  3. Dermaplane Kit

Virtural (Zoom) include:

  1. Theory with coach
  2. Practical with coach
  3. Dermaplane Kit

Theory include: 

All information regarding Dermaplane protocols, definition of dermaplaning , benefits, pros and cons, dos and donts, treatment protocols, videos, demos and more. 

Practical include:

Practice on 3 models to achieve competency.

Certification on completion of models.

Kit include:

12 x 10R blades; 12 x 10D blades; 3 x 10R blades with handle; 1 x Blue Removal box, 1 x Metal handle, 1 x AHA Lotion; 1 x Nupeel; Nourishe Oil; 1 x Mask; and 1 free blade.  

If you need further information on the training, please don't hesitate to contact me, the director, to discuss. My mobile number is: 0450525815.  My landline is: 0261662265.  My email address: