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DermaplanePro Certification Course in Dermaplaning

Welcome to DermaplanePro Australia's Training Site.

DermaplanePro Australia Certificate Courses in Dermaplaning is Registered and  Accredited by DermaplanePro International.

Our trainers are all Qualified Professionals and Certified by DermaplanePro Australia to train and assess. 

We train Beauty Therapist with a qualification in skin care, Enrolled Beauty Therapy students, or any beauty qualification in skin care, Dermal Therapists with skin care qualifications, Cosmetic Tattooist with a qualification in Cosmetic Tattooing, Nurses (RN/EEN) with experience in skin care, cosmetic injector nurses and doctors with experience in skin care.

Our training package is designed to bring you all you need to know about dermaplaning.

Our Training Package consist of 2 stages and 2 options:

stage 1 - Theory online.  Theory include all the information you need to perform dermaplaning.

stage 2 - Practical Coaching one-on-one.  

Our Kit includes all the tools you need to perform the full protocol dermaplaning treatment, including our famous 10D blade and Stemcell and Peptide Mask (Face and Neck).

- Option 1:

Theory Online (Stage 1), Practical (stage 2) and Dermaplane Kit is only $700 including GST.  

Practical coaching with one of my educators.  I have educators in every state.  Availability is subject to educators schedule.  Trainers don't travel.

- Option 2:

Distant Education with coach (Stage 1), Practical Education with coach (stage 2) and Dermaplane Kit only $550 including GST.  

We welcome questions, so don’t hesitate to send us an email.    Our email address is:   Landline: 02 61662265 (International Training Site)

    Our famous Mask


DermaplanePro is the premier resource for skin care professionals interested in advancing their careers with dermaplaning. We provide a complete Dermaplaning Certification package that includes online learning, live hands-on coaching, all course materials and a complete kit with supplies for over 25 treatments.

Your Certification begins here with Part 1: Online Learning. Part 2: Hands-on Coaching takes place at a live class near you or one-on-one with our Certified Online Trainer. 

During this course you'll watch a series of short videos on Exfoliation Techniques, Skin & Hair Biology, Client Consultation & Skin Analysis, Live Dermaplaning Demonstrations and details about Part 2 of the course.  Materials include Training Manual, Forms & Face Diagram (PDF). 

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive your first of two certificates. 

Your training doesn't end when you leave the class. We are here to support you via e-mail, phone, live video conference and access to our private Facebook group DermaplanePro Professional Forum to help you through any challenges as you work your way toward mastery. 

DermaplanePro Certification Course in Dermaplaning - Part 1
  • Welcome to the course - Layout of the course
  • Waiver of Liability - Please Print, Sign & Bring to Class - Our brand is protected by copy right.
  • Training Manual (Printable PDF) - copy right protected
  • Face Diagram (Printable PDF) - copy right protected
  • Prepare for Training 
  • Dermaplaning and Exfoliation 
  • Dermaplaning & Exfoliation Quiz 
  • Biology of the Skin 
  • Skin Biology Quiz 
  • Biology of the Hair 
  • Hair Biology Quiz 
  • Consultation & Skin Analysis 
  • Client Consultation & Skin Analysis Quiz 
  • DermaplanePro Demo Video - Right - copy right protected
  • DermaplanePro Demo Video - Left - copy right protected
  • Part 1 Course Exam 
  • After Part 1, your coach will assist you with Part 2.
  • DermaplanePro Certification Course in Dermaplaning - Part 2
  • Practical Coaching - Before Stage 2, start practicing on your thigh using the Metal Handle and Blade.  Follow the treatment protocols, as per video (Stage 1).  You can send over 20 second videos for me to assess.  My coaching will help you gain experience in the skill before your Stage 2.  Stage 2 Coaching day with Coach - You will be asked  to complete 2 - 3 models on the day.  Your coach will declare you competent or not yet competent.  
  •  or, Zoom/SKYPE Coaching - How does Skype training work?  - You receive all paper based information during stage 1 and a Full Facial Protocol Dermaplaning treatment demonstration/video.  After Stage 1 you need to practice on your thigh area, using Metal Handle and Dermaplaning Blade, until you feel confident with the blade on your skin.  Follow the treatment protocols as demonstrated to you.  After the sessions on your thigh, you will practice on 2 models (friends/family).  During these sessions, following the video, complete 2 full facial dermaplaning sessions.  During these sessions take pictures and 20 sec videos of all facial areas, to be handed in as case studies.  I will assess the videos and will give you feedback.  You are now ready for you first Skype session.  During your first Skype Session I will assist you and you will complete a full facial dermaplaning protocol facial, using the products in your kit.  I will provide you with feedback.  After the first Skype session you need to complete 3 more case studies on clinic clients.  You need to complete 5 full facial case studies before you can do your final skype sessions with me.  In total you must complete 8 hours to pass your Skype training. 
  • Skype training is only offered by Director of DermaplanePro, Riana Janse van Rensburg. 02-61662265.
  • Certification - DPAU Certify you in Dermaplaning.  
  • Support - We offer you ongoing support.  We help you build your business.  Follow us on Instagram - you can use all our instagram material to grow your business.
  • Become a trainer - We are always looking for good trainers - send us your interest to:
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We offer other Courses to compliment your DermaplanePro Training. 

Courses include:  Beauty, Dermal, Aesthetic Skin Care and Medical Certificates.  

DermaplanePro International Academy is Accredited, Approved and Registered with ITEC to teach

and assess students in line with ITEC Syllabi and Teaching Outcomes.


Looking forward seeing you at our next training day!

Riana Janse van Rensburg - Owner Director